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3.2. How Circulation Policies Work in Evergreen

Elements That Affect Circulation Policies

Circulation modifier - Circulation modifiers are used in circulation policies to control behavior of a specific groups of items. They are added to copies during the cataloging process. In SPARK, requests for new Circulation Modifiers must be taken to the User Group.

Copy location-Copy locations for your library can be set to allow or  not allow circulation.

User Permission Group - Policies can be set to include or exclude certain patron groups.

Loan duration - describes the length of time for a checkout. You can also identify the number of renewals that can be placed on an item.

Recurring fine - the amount assessed for daily and hourly fines as well as fines set for other regular intervals.

Grace Periods-the amount of time before fines start accruing.

Maximum fine - fines will stop accruing at this amount.

Org Units - Circulation policies can be set up by checkout library or owning library.

Limits: Need to add some updates about how these work.

Library Settings can also affect Circulation Policies.


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