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3.1. Policy Changes

Please contact SPARK support to request policy changes. They can be very complex and impact other libraries, especially if your library is in a Resource Sharing environment.

If you want to try to do this yourself or watch when support staff are doing it so you can get a better understanding of how policies work, ask SPARK Support.

There are two primary types of Policy Changes and your library may want to consider both and how they work in tandem: 

  1. Hold Policies : Hold Policies can be set with Circulation Modifiers but NOT limited based on Shelving Location.
  2. Circulation Policies  :  Circulation policies can be set with Circulation Modifiers (Circ Mods) or by Shelving Locations

Linked Limit sets also add complexity to policies.

When sending a request to change a policy please provide:

The recommended typical process is that PaILS support staff will make changes on a test server, offer you a short testing period to take time to confirm it is working as expected, and then set a plan and a date on which to implement changes on the live production server.  

In the future, Policy Change procedures will be emphasized during "Open Policy Change Periods" offered periodically throughout the year, perhaps quarterly. 

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