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3.11. Can't find it anywhere? Original Cataloging Help

New bibliographic records should only be created if a matching bibliographic record for your material cannot be found in the SPARK catalog, or from another source via Z39.50.

If you need help with original cataloging, we encourage you to reach out for assistance from your local library, system, or district center.  You can also ask for help on the SPARK Cataloging Listserv – we are eager to help!

To create original MARC bibliographic records:

  1. Click the “Cataloging” button at the top of the screen, and select “Create New MARC Record”.

  2. Click the drop-down box, and select the appropriate format template.  Then click “Load”.


  3. Before anything else, enter fixed-field details in the 008 field (and 007 field, if relevant to the format)!  This is a very important step – if the information in fixed fields is missing or incorrect, the format for your record may display incorrectly in the Evergreen OPAC.
    1. If the checkbox next to “Flat Text Editor” is checked, un-check it.


    2. Enter 008 details in the fields at the top of the screen. If you right-click in a text-entry area, you can select from a list of all possible values.

    3. If your format uses a 007 field, fill that out next.  For help, click the blue icon next to the 007 field to bring up a “Physical Characteristics Wizard”.

  4. Once fixed fields are accounted for, complete the rest of the MARC record.  You may find it easier to do this by re-checking the box next to “Flat Text Editor”.  When you have completed all of the relevant fields, click the “Save” button.

  5. The new bibliographic record is now officially in the SPARK Catalog.  Click the “Add Holdings” button to create a call number and item record for your material (see instructions elsewhere in the Cataloging Support Book).

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