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3.2. Assigning Staff Accounts

Assigning a Staff Account in SPARK is similar to assigning a patron account. 

People with "LibAdmin" permissions at your location should know how to assign, edit, and delete/make inactive staff accounts.

Here are the recommended protocols:

User Name should be made from the Shortcode of the the location in all capital letters with identifying characters of the staff member's last name.

First and Last name of the staff member with accountability for actions when signed in should be in those labeled fields.

The Password should be non-obvious to restrict access to the account, a combination of letters and numbers is best.

Set the Home Library to the location where the staff member works.

Since this is a staff account, the address and phone number should contain the library location information, including address and zip code.

The Main Profile Permission group should reflect the level of training and proficiency that the staff member has obtained. 

To add a Secondary Permission group, click on the Secondary Groups box and assign the appropriate secondary level and click "Apply Changes"

SAVE the account.

You will then have to Remember to assign a work org as described in the next section.


How to change a staff password:  Staff passwords can be changed by another staff member or by the staff member when logged in to the OPAC, like a patron would change their password.

Staff passwords should be changed from the original that was shared with you when you first came on to SPARK.



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