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7.1. Recommended barcode scanners

The following barcode scanners have been recommended to work with SPARK-


If anyone gets this scanner, just contact me and I'll explain what we did. It's not as bad as it seems.  anndirector_pmpl@yahoo.com

 The only issues I have had with barcode scanners are :

 -old ones that run on the PS/2 port, some of which switch the capitalization of letters in barcodes if the Caps Lock on the keyboard is on

 -scanners that don't scan various types of barcodes by default. I have seen some that have Codabar turned off by default, which is quite vexing until you learn how to use the setup system that comes with the scanner. So, the library should check their barcode types against what the scanner has enabled.

will scan barcodes from phone screens


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