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2.3. Using the Retarget Holds Checkin Modifiers

Regarding using the "Retarget Local holds" and "Retarget All Status" check in modifiers:

When using checkin modifiers, the holds that are re-targeted are the holds where the pickup lib is the same as the item's Circulation library.

As an example, new items being checked in at LVLS_BAPL that have a circulation library of LVLS_BSS are either going to find a hold at LVLS_BSS or go in transit back to the home library of LVLS_BSS.

When a new item is created it will take up to 24 hours to be placed on the holds copy map table. So the holds for the new items at will not know of the new item until the hold is re-processed by Evergreen. The time the hold is re-processed is based on the prev_check_time field in the hold itself.

Refer to another post on Re-Targeting Holds when new items are added in your Cataloging department.


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