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5.5. Using Patron or Family Groups in Evergreen

Patron accounts may be grouped to allow staff to more easily retrieve multiple accounts for one family, such as a guardian and dependent child.

What are the benefits of Groups?  I'd like to hear more--it's really just a grid display of all of a group information at one time.  This is a complex feature that won't probably be used in too many locations.

To create a group at registration:

Register one member of the group and select the Save and Clone button. 

(Save and Clone is useful when entering a whole stack of applications with the same name or entering a large family.)

To group patron accounts after registration:

Retrieve all the patron accounts you wish to group so you have access to their barcode numbers.  

Select the Other tab located at the top of the window, below the green bar and choose Group Member Details from the drop down menu.

Select the patron by clicking in the line item or checking the box found at the left side of the grid. 

Select Move Another Patron To This Group, from the Actions menu.

Enter the barcode from the child account that you copied previously.

Confirm this action by selecting Move User.

After confirm this action, you should see both patrons displayed in the Group Member Details grid. If the grid is empty, refresh your screen and both patrons should appear. Repeat as needed to add any additional child accounts.

Here's a link to a walk through video for creating groups from existing accounts-



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