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7.6. Non cataloged types

Administration--Local Administration--Non-Cataloged Type Editor.

This is a very handy feature of Evergreen. 

Libraries use it in many ways to count things used, events attended, people in attendance, etc. 

Current uses in SPARK include: computers, password distribution for wi-fi, magazine, seeds,  community collections, ILLs, parking passes, bathroom keys, and other what-nots.   There is not a Best Practice in the consortium for these, but there are many ideas.  Existing SPARK level non-cataloged types are under review for workflow effectiveness.

Make careful decisions about which non-cataloged types you enter.

Understand how Non-Cataloged types will be considered in your Evergreen Reports and other statistic collection workflows at your location.

Understand how Non-Cataloged types should be considered in Reports and statistic collection workflows at your location.

Focus Location should be your Org Unit.   If you can see other ORG Units, do not Edit them.

Tips for Filling out the Form:  DO THIS ON THE TEST SERVERS FIRST unless you are experienced.  Try it out, test it works as you desire, then do it on production. 

Deleting is not known to work easily.  If there is any data associated with that field, it won't delete. (tests needed if this is a bug or a feature)

Permission Notes:  LibAdmin

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