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3.3. Not in SPARK? Importing Bib Records using z39.50

1.  Go to Cataloging > Import Record from Z39.50.

2.  Under Service and Credentials, select Local Catalog and at least one other service. NOTE: See the SPARK web site for a list of favorite databases selected by other SPARK catalogers. Make sure to choose Native Evergreen Catalog to include SPARK in the search.

3.  Under Query, search by ISBN first. If no matches are found, search by Author and Title. (If you are searching for a DVD, search by Author / Title.

4.  Click Search. The search results will appear on the bottom of the screen.

5.  Examine the results from the bottom of the screen.  Things to look for:

6.  When you are ready to import a record:

7.  The new MARC record will be displayed in the catalog.  Click the Add Holdings button, and follow local instructions to add copies/items.


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