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3.3. Importing MARC records using Z39.50

If you are unable to find a suitable MARC record in the SPARK-wide collection for an item you are cataloging, you may import a new MARC record by using Z39.50.

From the Cataloging menu, select Import Record from Z39.50.  Then, follow the steps below:


1.  First, you will need to select which “outside sources” to search.  To do this, look in the column to the far right, “Services and Credentials”.  Select a source by clicking the relevant checkbox.

2.  Next, enter your search term(s).

3.  Search results will appear below.

4.  To determine if any (or all) records are appropriate for the item you are cataloging, select one of the search result rows, then click the “View MARC” button.

5. When you are finished examining the MARC record, click “Cancel”.

6.  Go through steps 4 and 5 until you have determined which search result to use.  When you have made your decision, select that row.  Next, click “Edit then Import”.

7.  If any corrections need to be made to the MARC coding, make those corrections now.  When you are finished, click the “Import” button.

8.  A pop-up window will confirm that the record was successfully imported.  Click “Go to record”.

9.  The MARC record has been successfully added to the SPARK-wide database, ready for you to add your local holdings.

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