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8.3. OPAC and Staff Client Clash

To demonstrate patron features of My Account at your circulation workstation, use a Private or Incognito window of your browser to open the patron account in the OPAC. 
You cannot be logged into Evergreen on both the staff interface and an account on the OPAC in the same browser at the same time, even in separate windows.  If you try to do this, the My Account button at the top right of the catalog screen will NOT be visible.
Even if you close the staff interface window, you may not be completely logged out.
  • If you use Firefox, open the patron account through the OPAC in a Private Window, which should allow you to be logged into both at the same time, preserving the My Account button for logging out.  
  • If you use Chrome, use an Incognito window for the OPAC login.

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