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5.7. Resetting a patron password in the OPAC (Patron initiated)

The Patron can reset their own password through the OPAC.

In the library's My Account login page of the OPAC template, the patron can click on the Forgot your password? link located beside the login button.

They will receive a prompt to fill in the Barcode and User name. They will also need to fill in the email address associated with the account.

A message should appear indicating that the request has been processed and an email will be sent to the patron with further instructions.

That email will include a link to the password reset page.  Patrons should enter a password with letters and numbers, not symbols or special characters.

The patron should follow the instructions in the email they receive to reset the password.   (It's a good practice to test this feature from the patron perspective to make sure it meets patron needs.)

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