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3.1. Is it already in the SPARK catalog? Look there first!

When a new item is received at your library and is ready to be cataloged, search to see if it is owned by another library in the entire SPARK catalog.

If a bibliographic record for the item already exists, do NOT create a new MARC record, instead simply add your item to the existing bibliographic record:

1.  Go to ´╗┐Cataloging > Search the Catalog in the web client.


2.  Click the Numeric Search tab, and select ISBN as the search field.


3.  From the Search Library filter, select SPARK Libraries. This will ensure that you are searching all libraries in the system.


4. Scan or type in the ISBN, then click Search.  (If the item has no ISBN, go back to Advanced Search and search by UPC.)

5. Examine the search results to find an existing record in the catalog that most closely resembles the item in hand.  Click the MARC View tab to examine the record and find 3-5 match points.

6. After you have verified that the record matches your item, go to Step #7.  If it does not match and and you cannot find another qualified record in SPARK, go to the instructions for importing records from other sources.

7. Click the ´╗┐Add Holdings button, and follow local instructions for adding volumes and copies.



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