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1.4. KPAC

The KPAC is the Kids Version of the public catalog.

When you join PaILS and become a member of the SPARK Community, you decide if you would like a link to use a catalog that is designed with a kid friendly layout and will restrict to kids content.  Evergreen documentation about the Kids catalog.

The kids catalog can look like this and will have a URL that ends in : sparkpa.org/eg/kpac/home 

Try out this Kids Catalog.

There is also another template that can be used for the Kids Catalog, but this one is custom for PA.

The KPAC will only display items with an audience code that relates to children, and those are a,b,c,d, and j.

# - Unknown or not specified
a - Preschool
b - Primary
c - Pre-adolescent
d - Adolescent
e - Adult
f - Specialized
g - General
j - Juvenile
| - No attempt to code

Tell us at SPARK: Do your kid patrons enjoy the Word, Title, and Author Search or the image categories?  Let us know.

To add this to any SPARK Library Catalog, create a link in the nav_links file with this as the address " /eg/kpac/home." It will append to the library catalog address and be scoped appropriately.

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