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3.4. Viewing the Policy Matrix and Requesting Changes

To view circulation and hold policies: Log in with LibAdmin staff account-->Administration-->Local Administration-->Circulation Policies.

It may take awhile for the page to load because there are MANY policies.  Bring up the Filter Results dialog box. Filter on any of the data fields. Example: To view the circulation policies for your location, choose "Org Unit" and "is" then "your library org unit code".   You can add a row for another filter field, such as Circulation Modifier.  Click Apply to enable the filter rules, and only the rows that match will now be displayed.

Use the same process to view your hold policies: Administration-->Local Administration-->Hold Policies.

Please do not modify or change any of the policies.

Policies are designed to work together; changing one can effect others.  They can be complicated.

If you want to request changes, please open a ticket with SPARK support. 

To request a change to a policy: Open a Ticket with Support.  Many changes will require a short testing period on the Test Server before staff activate the policy change on the Production Server.

When you Open the Support Ticket provide the following information:

  1. Clear explanation of the change you want.  Be thorough and think through all scenarios.
    • What is the expected behavior after the change is implemented?  (Example: Adult patrons with home library of ORGCODE will receive a two week circulation period for items with circulation modifier DVD.)
    • Type of Change: Is this a hold policy or circulation policy change or both?  Often these work hand in hand.
    • Does this change effect the Duration of loan?  Time period request.
    • Does it limit the Quantity of holds that can be placed or items that can be borrowed?
    • Which Users should the change impact?   Is this policy for ALL user types OR specific to a patron type of Adults, Juveniles, Outreach, etc.
  2. Date you want the policy change to take place on the production server?  This is best at the beginning of a month or quarter. Change takes time and testing, so don't expect immediate changes unless it is a very serious problem.
  3. Libraries / locations that will be effected.  (Note any resource sharing agreements you have.)
  4. Document who has agreed to this change--who is ultimately responsible and held accountable for your policy?  Confirm that you have their agreement to request this change.


Download the document below to see thoughts about policies with some notes.  It is an export of policies with questions PaILS/SPARK needs to learn so better policies can be created going forward.

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