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1.2. Circulation Training Videos

These videos were created for Clymer library by Tina, User Group President (contracted by PaILS) to train new staff who will use the PaILS hosted SPARK version of Evergreen.

These videos were created on the Web Client in version 3.1.

Circulation Training #1: Login | Register Workstation | Overview of Evergreen https://youtu.be/1AbchyjzcVk

Circulation Training #2: Registering Patron https://youtu.be/iv0dXOgjWDk

Circulation Training #3: Overview of Patron Account https://youtu.be/uTVXTmNnWEo

Circulation Training #4: Checking Materials in/out | Renewing materials https://youtu.be/0xhiAudvNoA

Circulation Training #5: Lost items | Claims Returned (Special Circulation) https://youtu.be/OxiLKneRrIg

Circulation Training #6: Patron Bills | Overview | Creating | History https://youtu.be/jIU_ihjmw7U

Circulation Training #7: Placing Holds | Canceling Holds | Editing Holds https://youtu.be/HsMeQ33-dvQ

Circulation Training #8:  Item Status | Mark Damaged | Mark Missing https://youtu.be/wLkIty-b7yw

Circulation Training #9: Adding Messages and Alerts to patron accounts.



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