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4.11. Buckets: Sharing buckets

Record Buckets and Item Buckets

After you have created a bucket, find the Bucket ID.   It is listed at the top of the screen, or at the end of the URL.

You can share this number with anyone who needs to access the bucket.  

A bucket number is a handy number to share with SPARK Support when you are submitting support requests.

How To Open a Shared Bucket:

  1. In the Copy Bucket interface click Buckets.  You can use the Bucket View tab.
  2. From the drop down menu select Shared Bucket.
  3. Enter the bucket ID number-->Load Bucket.
  4. The shared bucket will display for you to work with its contents.

Permissions are needed to ensure you can share buckets with people outside your organization.  This is a current project SPARK is working on.

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