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10.1. Inventory Process

SPARK libraries can use a new feature in Evergreen 3.3 that makes inventory easier.

Support for Last Inventory Date

Evergreen now provides an option to add an inventory date to items to facilitate the process of performing inventory in libraries. Staff can add an inventory date to an item in one of the following ways:

  • From the check in screen, there is now an Update Inventory check in modifier. When selected, scanned barcodes will have the current date/time added as the inventory date while the item is checked in.

  • From the Item Status screen, an action is available to add the current date/time as the inventory date to selected items.

This new feature will also store the workstation that was used when the inventory date was updated.


Local Notes:

  • York County Libraries (YCL) created and shared some workflow directions and a sample work slip that you can download here and modify for your own use.
  • Reports Committee has added a suggested report that works with the YCL workflow to the shared templates-->SPARKReports-->Collections and Cataloging-->Inventory List (web client 3.3.5)

These are the original (older) instructions on this page for Inventory in earlier versions of Evergreen, kept here only for historical reference:

1. Set up item stat cat for Inventory. You can add dates here or just a simple yes/no option.

2. Scan barcodes into Item Status (or upload CSV file if using a scanner).

3. Batch update the items from Item Status, setting the inventory stat cat.

4. To find items potentially misshelved or missing, run reports on all items NOT inventoried within a given call number range. Organize it by call number label and exclude anything current checked out, missing, lost, etc.

5. Run reports on what has been inventoried to track productivity.

Inventory Report templates for the old style of stat cat inventory can be found in the Equinox shared folders under Library Collections.

There are  inventory reports in the Web Folders.

Advice from Member Libraries:

  • One way I think makes the most sense is if you have a laptop and scanner and a cart, you can print an inventory sheet and then take it out with you into the stacks. Scan items into the Evergreen Item Status to check if they are accurately listed in the system. Have buckets set up in Evergreen for items that may need to by changed from Missing to Available, etc. 

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