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2.1. SPARK Staff Permission Groups

Staff permissions are separated into two groups: Circulation and Technical Services.  For staff who perform duties under both headings, a secondary permission can be assigned. 

SPARK does not allow "cherry picking" permissions or assigning individuals specific permissions only. All staff must be assigned to at least one of the standard permission groups below. 

Permission accounts should be assigned with the idea of accessible and effective service to the library patron with low risk to the safety of their data by staff.

It is a SPARK practice to require that library staff have an account as a STAFF member in addition to the account that they should have as a library patron.  

Staff accounts are the property of the library.  In the event that a staff member leaves, the staff account should be deactivated and the password changed.  There is a process of consideration to implement an account sign-off understanding policy for accounts at certain permission levels or to certify staff for eligibility for advanced permissions. 

Most locations will want a LibAdmin / Tech Services account for the location manager/director, though that may be based on need for cataloging. 

Accounts with LibAdmin permissions or Tech Services permissions must contain a real name and contact information for the staff member responsible for the account and its password.

If you need more assistance, check out other Staff Account resources here, or contact SPARK Support.

Circulation Permissions:

: Can perform basic lower level circulation functions. They are not able to run reports.

CircSupervisor: Can perform same tasks as a CircClerk plus they can override special circumstances such as allowing a patron to check out materials even though he has exceeded the fine threshold, checking out a book with an available hold to another patron etc. They are able to run reports, create a report template, share reports folders, and view report output. They are able to upload offline transactions.

LibAdmin: Can perform all above functions. In addition, they can create report templates, edit receipt templates, change library hours, customize the staff client etc. This is typically reserved for library directors and Tech Support people.

Technical Support:

Copy Cataloger: Can add copies and call numbers to existing bib records and edit them.

Tech Services: Has all of the Copy Cataloger functions plus they can create, import, and edit MARC records and perform all acquisitions and serials control functions.


Note: PaILS is working on a permissions project to ensure that these levels of permissions meet library needs. 

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