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7.3. SHAREit: Correcting failed records

PaILS Support Staff complete a quarterly export of records to AccessPA so that your library's items can be requested through statewide Interlibrary Loan.

The date of the last update should be kept current here: ___________

Correcting Failed Records in SHAREit

When PaILS Support staff complete quarterly updates in SHAREit, we receive an email from HSLC with a link to the records that "failed" to load in the database. These records might fail for a number of reasons. Access PA will reject a records if they

* lack a title (MARC tag 245);

* lack a publisher (MARC tag 260, subfield "b" -OR- MARC tag 264, subfield "b"); or

* contain fewer than six MARC fields in the entire record

Some libraries have requested access to the failed records file so they can view and correct their records. Since the records are loaded as the combined catalog, it can be difficult to find and isolate records from a particular library.

SPARK support will send out a notice when a new Failed Records file is available.

Use this workflow to find your library's records:

To confirm records that did not load for your library, Go to:

A-G Cloud URL: https://agcloud.auto-graphics.com/index.php/s/wjH0bY9mbCM3xtC 

The password will be provided when SPARK Support sends notification that the file is available. If you need it otherwise, please contact SPARK support.

Open the folder named FAILRECORDS

Look for a file in the FAILRECORDS folder called Pscrl.fail . That folder contains the SPARK records that were rejected during the load. To view the files, you will need a program that opens MARC records. The recommended program is MarcEdit.  Find the MarcEdit download here: 


Download the Pscrl.fail file and open with MarcBreaker from the MarcEdit program. Click Execute, then Edit Records after the file has processed. This will give you all the failed records from SPARK.

It may be possible to locate records for individual libraries through the 852 tag using the "find" function.

Control f will bring up the find function. Enter $b plus your library's SPARK short code to search for your failed records. For example, entering $bSOC in the "find" box will show items belonging to Somerset. Click on "FIND ALL" to search. Clicking "FIND" will return a "no records found" message.

Once you've identified your failed records and the reason they failed, use that list to correct the records in the SPARK catalog. This is important. Changing them in the ShareIT file will correct them in AccessPA, but will not correct the record in SPARK. You must correct the record in SPARK for the improved record to be included with the next quarterly upload to ShareIT. 

When correcting your records, please adhere to the guidelines in the Cataloging in SPARK document.

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