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column choice in Item Status

Is there a way to have Location (shelf location) as a choice in item status? We have 5 different locations, 9 different shelving locations, and if we are working with a long list if items, it's nice to know where each item is shelved. Right now, there is only owning library, circulating library, check out/renewal library, and workstation information. In check in, there is Location as well as Route to, which both give the shelving location.
Christina Hall | email
Jun 14 2018, 09:59 AM
Hi Chris,
I am seeing Location in Item Status. In the column picker, it is the 5th one from the top. Are you not seeing it at all?

Scott Thomas | email
1 day, 4 hours since original post
I would like to correct myself.....it is the Items Out in a patron's record, NOT Item Status.

It would help us to have location as a choice in "Items Out" in the patron record
Christina Hall | email
4 days, 4 hours since original post
I reported this as a bug: 1778083
Scott Thomas | email
2 weeks since original post
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