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586 Marc Tag (Award)

Does SPARK generate award notes and reading level information on it's own? For example this record, TCN 8828863, has a general note section displayed on the OPAC that gives detailed information and a study program information line as well as an awards line that duplicates the general note. On the MARC record the information is only listed once.

Also - do you recommend putting a 586 and a 650 line on the MARC for the award like this record has for easy searching in the OPAC by patrons?
Nicole Heyer | email
Apr 14 2021, 04:01 PM
Hi Nicole,

-- The issue with awards notes displaying twice comes from a bug in Evergreen. See:

-- For instructions about how to help the bug get solved, see:

-- Information about awards should only be entered in the 586 field -- no need to also create a 650 field for the award. 586 fields are looked in by keyword searches. If a patron searches for keyword "Caldecott" or "Newberry", any books with those terms in 586s will be pulled.
Jonathan Moore | email
23 hours, 29 mins since original post
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