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Automated Mark Lost Process

When the automated mark lost process is enabled can you please tell me what status does the item go into on the target date.
For example: 90 day overdue mark lost. On the 90 day does the item go to a "lost" status?
If so, when is the long overdue status used and where can I find what determines a long overdue.
Thanks for your help.
Linda Krafinsk | email
Dec 31 2020, 10:37 AM
Hi Linda,

The Long Overdue and the Lost Process perform the same actions in Evergreen, changing the status and adding a charge for the item. For that reason most libraries only use one of them and in the case of the SPARK system we only use the Lost Process.

In your case the the WAPI system has a 90 Day Lost Process. So the item is overdue for 90 Days then goes directly into Lost and the charges are added.

Let me know if you want to discuss this more.
Jennifer Bruch | email
1 week, 5 days since original post
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