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Issue with Create Date in reports

I'm running a report to find items that are have a specific circulation modifier, so I can edit them based on their creation date. (Our High Demand Books modifier is only applied to books for six months, so this allows me to see if the book has been under the modifier for six+ months and then remove it as necessary.) I found, cloned, and edited a report, and in that report I noticed a big chunk of them (around thirty) do not display a creation date. Upon further investigation, it appears that these may be MARC records that we didn't create, but adding Holdings to. Is there a way I can manipulate the report to show the create date for my library's holdings, specifically?
Heather Ritter | email
Jul 22 2020, 12:10 PM
Hi Heather,

In case you have not received a reply to your forum post, I have a report that will work for your purposes as well as some extra info.

In this case you want to make sure the report template is looking at the age of item and not the bib record. Because the record can be edited by any library cataloger and will not reflect your activity.

Also, when your library uses bib records with "On Order" items to allow for building of holds or sometimes has a prolonged processing period.

You might want to use the Active Date of the item instead of the Created Date. This date is reflective of when the item/copy first became available for circulation to patrons and consistently more reflective of when it should be removed from New or High Demand collections.

When I ran a test output, there were items that do not have an Active Date. Reviewing a few of these items in depth I found that they were In Process or were in Lost/Missing etc. and likely migrated in this status and thus have never been actively circulating in SPARK.

The report template I have for you displays the Created Date, Active Date, and Last Edited Date together for comparison.

Report Template Name:
Items - Shelving Locations with Circ Mod Filter - List

Shared Folder:
PaILS Bruch --> PaILS Share --> Collections, Bibs, & Items

Let me know if you have an questions.

Jennifer Bruch | email
2 weeks, 5 days since original post
Hi Jennifer,

This worked really well! Thank you so much.

Heather Ritter | email
1 month since original post
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