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Reports for Juv Nonfiction books

I'm working on some cleanup projects. At this location at one point the Juv Nonfiction was separate from the Nonfiction and then they decided to combine the two. So, some of the Juv Nonfiction has a shelving location of Juvenile and some has a shelving location of Main. Is there a way that I can run a report with the modifier Juv Nonfiction? Every template I looked at for Circ Modifiers, I could do book but not the specific type of book. I was able to figure out selecting both shelving location and filter by call number, starting with J 001 but that may take a while. So, I'm hoping someone has an easier idea for me. Thanks.
Elizabeth Hornig | email
Jul 16 2020, 05:57 PM
Hi Elizabeth,
There is some mixed terminology in your request but I understand what you are looking to accomplish.

I will be sending you an email with an excel spreadsheet data from the following two report templates in my shared folders.

Items - Shelving Locations - Count
Items - Shelving Locations - List (with Circ Mod as a filter)

Both of these display Shelving Location and Circ Modifier.

The Count helps you look for "Outliers", things that are not quite right. Everybody has them;)

The List template can be filtered but I often select everything. Then you can filter it on the fly looking for things using Excel.

I zeroed in on what you are looking for using Excel in a few minutes rather than endless report template tweaking.

Jennifer Bruch
Jennifer Bruch | email
20 hours, 25 mins since original post
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