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Tabs in Web client

I can't seem to get information to transfer from one tab to another in the web client.

I tried to "retrieve last patron" from the check in screen, and wanted it to open in a new tab, to preserve my check in list. It will open a new tab to the home screen and not the patron's account.

Also, I was trying to overlay a record. I marked the record in the catalog for overlay, and opened z39.50 in a different tab. I was unable to overlay. I had to use the same tab to complete the task.
Christina Hall | email
May 24 2018, 05:06 PM
Hi Chris,
Regarding the checkin issue, I need to understand the workflow better. You are checking in items. You want to access the patron's record from the list of checkins without closing the checkin window? Do I have that right?

Scott Thomas | email
22 hours, 10 mins since original post
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