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Duplicate MARC records

Use this topic to report duplicate MARC records (for the same item) in the SPARK database. Please give as much information as possible about the item that all of the records describe, including format, title, author(s), standard number (ISBN/UPC/LCCN), and so on. If you have placed records in a shared record bucket, also include the bucket number.
Jonathan Moore | email
Apr 2 2020, 08:34 AM
Here is a problem with duplicate records for the same item. However without having them in hand it is hard to determine if they should be merged or not. I came across these because I was working on the LP version of Blood Count by Dell Shannon on our Fail File. I resolved that issue but this one remains. The records are in a bucket. Because two records have different ISBNs and there is no ISBN for the other I hestated merging. Plus the pagination is different for one of them. Here is the link to the bucket: https://easternmonroe.sparkpa.org/eg/staff/cat/bucket/record/view/1127308

The record bucket name is blood count reg.
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