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Overdue Call List Suggestions

I'm looking for a report that will give me a list of overdue items with patron contact info. I've tried the reports Equinox has in the shared folder but they are buggy. Any suggestions?
Elizabeth Kreisler | email
Mar 3 2020, 03:18 PM
Hi Elizabeth,
I am going to build a report for your needs. Question about workflow, is looking at the patron account something you do before you call?

If so, I can have the report focus on providing a list of patrons and give a count of overdue items. This can shorten the output and reduce duplications.
Jennifer Bruch @ BAPL | email
3 hours, 8 mins since original post
I created a report for you and saved it in my shared folder.

Shared Templates--.BAPLBruch-->Reports Committee

Template Name:
List of Patrons with Overdue Items by Selected Home Library and Due Date

It filters by the patron's Home Library, so if you are in a Resource Sharing set up, you will not see patrons from other libraries who have your items overdue. Just your patrons with items Overdue even if those items are from another library.

You need it to work differently let know;)
Jennifer Bruch @ BAPL | email
3 hours, 33 mins since original post
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