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Meeting 1/16/20

Unfortunately, I have an unexpected personal matter I must tend to tomorrow, so I will not be present at the meeting. I wanted to take a little time to respond to the agenda.

I'm not sure what is meant by "consolidate ILL accounts," and I will be interested to know where we might be going with this.

Why should the last name be the full name of the Library in the account? We use the OCLC or Access Code as the last name and the full name of the library is the first name. We don't use OCLC/Access numbers on the patron (ILL) account.

I think a field to collect library type is a good idea.

As for loan periods--We have our own, which pretty much adheres to Access 4 weeks, but we renew for only 3. I don't think we can have a standard time for all, because different libraries serve different communities and different delivery concerns/timeframes.

We do not charge other libraries overdue fines. We charge our own patrons the same overdue fee for ILLs as we would for overdues on our own items. We charge a patron a $.50 ILL processing fee due at pick up. If patron does not pick up item or does not cancel an ILL before an item leaves the lending library, the $.50 sticks.

I hope this is useful information. I am eager to gain feedback re tomorrow's meeting.

Valerie Mann | email
Jan 15 2020, 03:56 PM
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