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Preferred Web Browser for Web Client

For using the web client, is there a preferred web browser? I primarily use Chrome but use Firefox Quantum (and sometimes Edge) when Chrome doesn't cooperate. But I didn't know if anyone ran into issues, bugs, complications, conflicts with scripts/extensions/etc with one browser or another and feel that one browser is the preferred one for the web client.
Vince Giordano | email
May 22 2018, 11:46 AM
It was designed to work with Chrome and Firefox, and it doesn't work well with Explorer or Edge. In fact, using either of those is not recommended.

On my work computer, I use Chrome exclusively for Evergeen, and Firefox for everything else. That way I don't wipe everything else out when I need to clear the cache for Evergreen
Lugene Shelly | email
21 hours, 36 mins since original post
I use Firefox for just about everything. (Nothing against Chrome. Just too lazy to move all my bookmarks over etc.) I use Firefox for normal Web Client usage and Chrome for heavy Web Client testing because I can clear cookies and cache with impunity. By the way Firefox has the ability to remove cookies and site data for just specific hosts: Options / Privacy & Security / Manage Data. Since the Web Client is getting a lot of bug fixes right now, there is frequent need to clear cache. This should calm down as time goes by.
Scott Thomas | email
23 hours, 34 mins since original post
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