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Can someone explain to me how to get circulation modifier displayed in this report. All other information appears correctly.
The report is shareable under LMAK Share Folder.
Thanks for your help.

Barcodes, circ mods and locations (clone) (clone) (clone) filters by library, circ mod in list. Only not deleted items. displays barcode, shelving location and circ mod. WebStaff 2019-10-15 14:43 WAPIKRAFINSKI
Linda Krafinski | email
Nov 25 2019, 11:29 AM
Hi Linda,
I cannot seem to find your LMAK shared folder, and I have a few questions about what you need from this report.

I am happy to help you further with this reporting issue. A meeting with a Shared Screen session usually clears things up very quickly.

Please let me know when would be convenient for you and we can set it up.

Jennifer @ BAPL
SPARK Circulation Committee Chair
SPARK Reports Committee Member
Jennifer Bruch @ BAPL | email
1 day, 2 hours since original post
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