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Reports for holds

I'm trying to run a couple reports and keep coming up short, can someone share if they have reports that run well for them?

1. Holds in Transit Report to our library: I'm trying to find all the items that are in transit to us to fill holds, to make sure they actually arrive.
Using Holds on items, pick status created by hallc. Lists: patron first & last name; item call #, title & author; request date; copy status. Filters on owning library, copy status, hold request date.

I'm using a year date range and picking the status of "in transit" and the results are populating items that have already been checked out to the patron assigned to it.

2. Holds on items with a status of Lost, Missing, Overdue: I'm trying to make sure our patrons holds are being fulfilled and they are not waiting overly long.
using Holds on items, pick status created by hallc again.

There is no option for an item that is just listed in status of "overdue" only a "long overdue" when I run this report I have no results. Perhaps it's because we just came on board with SPARK in September or I'm doing something wrong. Or is this because the hold has not technically be captured? This may be an outdated report we no longer need to run due to the way SPARK operates.

3. Holds that have not been captured yet: I want to make sure items are moving correctly and not hung up somewhere.
running a report titled Hanging Holds with Holds created by Equinox.

When I run this report it leaves out holds that have not been captured such as all of mine :)

Hopefully this makes sense and someone can point me in the right direction. Thank you!
Nicole H. | email
Nov 9 2019, 01:05 PM
Hi Nicole,
Reports on holds are very tricky because the information is continually changing. While you might not be sharing your items across SPARK, the holds matrix for items is shared by all of us. So any report about this info takes a very long time to run and is inaccurate by the time it finishes.

Perhaps instead of running reports that focus on the holds, have them focus on the item and its status.

A list of items in status with its Status Changed Date displayed will point you to things that are falling between the cracks. You will want to resolve whether they have holds or not. With a list like this, you could import the barcodes into Item Status and review them for any that have holds at your library that way as well.
Jennifer Bruch @ BAPL | email
3 days, 20 hours since original post
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