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importing excel file

Our library is new to SPARK. I would like to import an excel file containing barcodes of new items so I can do a batch edit in order to change the circulation modifier from High Demand DVD to DVD. In other words our new DVDs and Books are first catalogued with a circ modifier of High Demand. After 6 months we take them out of High Demand. I have an excel report with the barcodes and I was hoping to find a quick way to import them into a bucket so I could edit them all together.
Dellana Diovisalvo | email
Nov 4 2019, 04:14 PM
Hello Dellana,
You can accomplish this using the Item Status screen, and in many cases, adding them to a Bucket is unnecessary.

There is some prep work to do with your excel file.

First, remove all data except for the barcodes.
Save it as a CSV file.
Make sure your Item Status screen allows you to view more than 25 rows.
Import the CSV file.

At this point, you have two choices.

Select the items and add them to a bucket.


Select the items and edit them directly in the Item Status screen.

In both cases, excessively large lists of items can get laggy and leave you stuck with a progress bar. So we generally do them in batches of 100 items to avoid this.

If you need a demonstration, please let me know! As Chair of the Circulation Committee, I show people how to do this regularly via a screen shared meeting.
Jennifer Bruch @ BAPL | email
1 hour, 35 mins since original post
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