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Deleting a patron record

I am try to clean up our records and I am looking for information on how to delete a patron record who is either moved or is deceased.
Kathleen Lynch | email
Nov 1 2019, 01:54 PM
Hi Kathleen,
In SPARK, there is one rule that must be following when managing your patron records.

Delete accounts only after the account has been unused for five years.

In the meantime, you can expire it to the date that you are handling the account. You can put a note on it that the patron is deceased or has moved. You can also mark it "Inactive," but at BAPL, we feel that is an extra step when expiring the account makes it unusable anyway.

The reason for this has to do with our database, which is used for running reports. Deleting a patron before five years results in holes in the database because the data about their checkouts are blanked out. Then reports go haywire, and we all need those to work;)

Even with this in mind, data clean up is still a must. A project can always be planned with this mind.

Here is the knowledge book entry on the topic.
Jennifer Bruch @ BAPL | email
20 hours, 29 mins since original post
Jennifer Brunch. Thanks for the information. After posting the message I did find some notes about not deleting. I totally like the idea of writing a note on the account and marking it inactive.

Kathleen Lynch
Kathleen Lynch | email
2 weeks, 3 days since original post
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