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Item Barcode 30352101153244
Item status is "lost".
When I search for "item by barcode" I get "no items to display".
But when I search the catalog the item record appears.
Why does it show in one place but not the other?
Linda Krafinski | email
Oct 31 2019, 11:56 AM
Hi Linda,
I was able to load it into Item Status and it found it.
Same using the Numeric Search with Item barcode in the catalog. I am assuming yours is the copy at the Milford Library.
It has been half an hour and the issue might have resolved itself?
The usual suggestion of refreshing the cache for that page using ctrl+F5 might help if the problem persists for you.

If not, you should contact support directly so that Equinox can investigate the behavior.
Jennifer Bruch | email
39 mins since original post
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