We do not use a serial module for magazines. We create a bib record and add the new issues every month.
Unfortunately, patrons are unable to place a hold on a specific issue from the public OPAC.
I was reading SPARK manual, 5.4 periodicals which give instructions on adding magazines. Following the instructiions I attempted to test this process to see if it will allow placing a hold on a specific issue. I got to the 3rd step but was unable to locate "add volumes and copies". The choices under the "actions" button are:
Add Call Numbers
Add Items
Add Call Numbers and Items
Add Item Alerts
Can someone let me know if this process would allow patrons to place holds by specific issue and what I am doing wrong.
Or is there another process I should be doing instead.
Thank you.
Linda Krafinski | email
Oct 28 2019, 10:36 AM
I don't think patrons are allowed to place copy/item level holds. I think it can be done from the staff side, but not the public catalog.
12 hours, 26 mins since original post
Thank you for this information.
Linda Krafinski | email
23 hours, 26 mins since original post
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