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Apologies, Sarah, for not responding in a timely manner to these questions:

Do you penalize patrons for having overdue interlibrary loans, in addition to regular late fees for your library?
Do you allow patrons to request new ILLs if they've had overdues in the past? What is your policy for managing overdue ILLs?

We fine our patrons for overdue ILLs at the same rate they would be charged for overdue books from our collection. We do not, however, fine other libraries for overdues. We do charge all patrons (libraries and individuals) for lost items--replacement cost + our own $5.00 processing fee.

Since we don't charge libraries for overdues, libraries are not (as a matter of course) blocked from service if they've had overdues in the past. However, if a library has not paid for lost items totaling $25, we do block service. We send out invoices once Evergreen indicates the item is lost.

Other than description above, we've not set a policy, per se.

Valerie Mann | email
Oct 15 2019, 01:30 PM
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