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Fine Notifications Systems?

Hi All,

We're looking to improve our system for notifying patrons whose fines exceed a certain threshhold. Currently, we're running a report and calling/emailing them manually. It's a huge timesink.

Does anyone have an automated system set up that works well for you? Any other ideas on courtesy notifications for patron fines?

Sarah@DML | email
Sep 5 2019, 10:07 AM
We are also investigating setting up a trigger to send email and print notifications about this issue.

We suspend privileges (except for computer use) for one amount and then send to collections for another amount. So I am even considering making two.

BAPL is embarking on an initiative to evaluate all of our notifications and will share the results through the Circulation Committee.

Stay tuned!
Jennifer Bruch | email
1 week, 5 days since original post
We use a report and manually type a letter. Boy, I would hate calling! It does take a lot of time.

That would be amazing to have an automatic email. Ill be watching.

Thanks, Karen
Southern Lehigh Public Library
Karen Klutinoty | email
2 weeks, 4 days since original post
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