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Printers for spine and "pocket" labels

We are looking for a new printer for our cataloging. I have found the list from the 2017 survey. It specifically says "spine labels". Does anyone know what works best for both spine and "pocket" labels? Also, We are trying to replace impact printers with laser or other , and I am concerned about whether the Thermal printer printed spine labels fade like many thermal papers do? Any information will be welcome.

Thank you!
Mary Porter | email
Aug 1 2019, 03:50 PM
Hi Mary,

We have been using the TSC TTP-247 (https://bit.ly/2YEUv00) along with Dynlab spine/pocket labels (https://bit.ly/2KdoIeP)

It is a thermal transfer printer which is much less prone to fading than a thermal direct printer. We have been using our for about 5 years now with no fading issues. (We do also cover our spine labels with either laminate or a spine label protector.)
Sylvia Orner | email
18 hours, 24 mins since original post
Hi Mary,

We use LabelWriter450 printers. We use DuraReady 1016D labels. They are thermal transfer rolls and will not fade.

Rather than direct thermal (heating the paper). DuraReady heats a thin ink layer, transferring the ink to the label. (https://www.duraready.com/)
Jim Gilbert | email
19 hours, 41 mins since original post
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