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Hours of Operation

As of this message, there are 2 paid staff members that work for PaILS supporting SPARK, everything else is the Community and some paid hours under MOU agreements. Carrie and Lugene are telecommuters, who work from our home office environments or remotely as needed. Our general available work hours are in the range of 8-5 Monday - Friday, but our schedules are unpredictable because we may flex our hours for focused work or urgent system needs. In July we're even intentionally trying an evening Live Support Event to see if an audience on other schedules wants to join in.

For immediate attention either during or outside of business hours, send a text message or phone call inquiring about availability to Lugene and Carrie. Currently the Urgent box on the support form contacts only Lugene, but soon it will text message us both.

PaILS reserves the right to determine what is Urgent and what should be scheduled. We trust our community to make good plans and we want to help you carry them out gracefully.
Carrie Cleary | email
Jun 30 2019, 11:12 PM
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